Marriage help for hurting couples.

  • A practical program to develop communication skills to strengthen and reunite broken marriages.
  • A Christian marriage program, Catholic in origin, where couples of all faiths or no faith background are invited to attend
  • Those presenting are not professional marriage counselors, just couples sharing their own heartfelt stories of their marriage struggles.
  • Couples helping couples renew their marriages and rediscover loving relationships.


Are you facing difficult problems In your marriage?

The Retrouvaille Program –Game Plan for Healing.

"Rediscover" A simple word, implying there was once a discovery. Try to remember way back in the beginning how you discovered each other, now you will learn to walk that path again. The word Retrouvaille™ (pronounced re-tro-vi with a long i) is French for rediscovery. Your retrouvaille will be your rediscovery of each other. What you once knew about your love, you must now re-know or rediscover about each other. The Retrouvaille program gives you the tools needed to rediscover a loving marriage relationship... 

Your Loving Marriage Relationship. 

Was infidelity not part of your game plan? Do you find yourselves fighting, fighting and more fighting about... well just about everything? Or maybe you don't even talk at all and you each have retreated into the married yet single lifestyle. No matter how hard... how ugly... or how bad it has become, thousands of couples stand as living testimony that there is hope. A hope that transcends the pain and is born through rediscovery. That rediscovery is found in the Retrouvaille Program.

The  Program consists of a weekend event dedicated and committed entirely to each other. Combine that weekend with a follow-up series of 12 post-weekend sessions held over the next 6 weeks and your lives will change. You will learn to use specific tools to help you pick up the pieces and start putting your marriage back together again. Learning the tools of communication in a more relevant and meaningful way will be the priority of the Program and allows you the opportunity to rediscover each other, husband and wife and your retrouvaille will breath new life into your marriage relationship.

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  • Do you feel alone or hurt or unloved in your marriage?
  • Has the ugly head of infidelity shown up at your table?
  • Are you fighting about anything... everything or nothing? 
  • Or, do you simply shut down and close the door on each other?
  • Have you talked or thought about separation or divorce?
  • Does talking about it only seem to propel it further in the wrong direction?
  • Have you given up and see no hope for healing?
  • Do you need help in your marriage?

What to expect...

Couples share their experiences of the program and how it has changed their lives.

Retrouvaille is a lifeline for marriages......

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