Frank & Julie
This couple recounts their early dating and married life. The husband ended up having an affair with a woman from work. The couple separated but were able to reconcile and get back together and work at their marriage.

David and Mary
David and Mary Lozowsky of Brampton, Ontario speak of the day they were married, how they were drawn to the Church and the countless joys and challenges they've faced - having been separated three times before re-committing.

Larry & Tina
Larry and Tina tell their story and how Retrouvaille helped to re-ignite the flame of their love and how that has impacted their lives and the lives of their family.

Eric & Angela
A testimonial from Eric and Angela, discussing how their marriage began and deteriorated over the years, and how it finally turned around after the Rerouvaille program.

Joseph & Cristina
Joseph and Cristina Bringas were at the crossroads of considering separation or divorce when they found Retrouvaille in 2010. Now they spread the story to other hurting couples. 

Pat & Marian - Ireland 

A testimonial from a couple in Ireland, detailing how Retrouvaille saved their marriage.

Allan & Teresa 

An interview from Faith Magazine with Allan and Teresa, discussing how  Retrouvaille saved their marriage, and how it was the greatest gift they  could have ever given each other, even for marriages that don't have major trouble.

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