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Post Weekend Coordinator Couple


The second step in the Retrouvaille program is the Post weekend events and consist of 6 Sunday afternoon meetings to complete the process your weekend began. this couple organizes this portion of the program.

CORE Coordinator Couple


The follow-up support group, CORE, is an integral part of the Retrouvaille Program and this couple makes these meetings possible. Seeing the talents of others and creating an atmosphere of care leads to the success of the continuing support group of couples

Prayer Coordinator Couple


With God all things are possible and this couple keeps the community on track, connected and open to Gods overwhelming grace. The spiritual dynamic of  Retrouvaille is not to be overlooked or downplayed as it is the heart and soul of the program  and keeps it alive and strong.

Publicity / Pulpit Talk Coordinator Couple


If getting the word out to the larger community is your strong point this job might be for you. Finding others to spread the word so the program is available across the state and beyond is no small job.

Registration / Interview Couple


The registration / Interview Couple is often the first contact a hurting couple has with the program. Sometimes all it takes is a word of encouragement and a compassionate voice to encourage the couple to come.

Weekend Coordinator Couple


It is the final act before the weekend begins and this is the couple that makes sure it is all in place, the "t's" are crossed and the "i's" are dotted. They are responsible for making it all come together.

Many hands make light work... find your niche.


Angel Couples

These couples help with set up and hosting of the program.

Friday Night Greeters

These couples help to meet and greet the new participants at the Abbey or hotel on Friday night.

Prayer Letter Writers

These couples write letters to the new participants offering encouragement and prayer.

Banner Makers

We are in need of new  Banners for the Weekend Program.

Pulpit Talk Presenters

These couples would write and present a brief summary of the Retrouvaille program and present it at various churches across the state.

Presenting Couples

In order to keep the Retrouvaille ministry alive and thriving in our communities, new presenters are always welcome.


Publicity Support

There are many ways to help spread the word about Retrouvaille to couples struggling with the disappointment and pain of their marriage. If you have some ideas to share or time to spare, please let us know.