Post Weekend Coordinator Couple

  • Responsible for attending community meetings and CORE.
  • Responsible for maintaining a list of the diocese’s parishes with addresses.
  • Responsible for maintaining a list of prayer couples.
  • Responsible for getting a prayer card/letter for each couple, priest and team on the Weekend. Try to get all prayer letters 1 week prior to the Weekend.
  • Access International website for list of FNCs.
  • Responsible for providing guidelines to prayer couples.
    • Prayer letter is written to couple using only first names.
    • Prayer letter authors may include full name, address and phone.
  • Responsible for obtaining prayers of the faithful for couples attending the Retrouvaille Weekend. 2 weeks prior to the Weekend:
    • Send a letter to each parish with a couple on the Weekend. The letter asks the parish to include a petition, similar to the following, in their prayers of the faithful: “For persons in this parish and all couples participating in the Retrouvaille program for hurting marriages, we ask the Lord for healing and growth in their relationship. Pray to the Lord.”
    • Do not mention the names of the couple.
  • Responsible to receive international email prayer letters at least 3 weeks prior to the weekend. Collect and print the letters and deliver to the Weekend Coordinating Couple. Coordinating Couples will make international request.
  • Responsible to work with Weekend Presenting Teams to fill and print the Prayer Scroll.