Registration / Interview Couple- 2 year position

  • Responsible for attending community meetings and CORE.
  • Must have internet access and abilities.
  • Responsible for responding to all inquiries about the program and for maintaining a list of all couples making inquiries.
  • Responsible for mailing, verifying all registration forms are completed online or completing this form over the telephone with the FNC.
  • Responsible for recording registration. Responsible for accounting for and delivering to the Finance Couple all enrollment fees received.
  • Responsible for following up on couples who have begun registration process.
  • Responsible for enrolling/interviewing both husband and wife individually, and covering all enrollment material. NOTE: Do not record answers except for those indicated in the Enrollment Form. Just check off that you have covered the material.
  • Responsible for confirming each registration with a letter and a map to the weekend facility.
  • Responsible for emailing the final spreadsheet of registered couples and their parishes to the Prayer Couple Coordinator, Weekend Coordinator and Weekend Registration couples prior to the Weekend. Update the list as required.
  • Responsible for giving the registration list to Priest and Team on the Weekend.
  • Responsible for coordinating last minute registrations and cancellations with Weekend Coordinator, Prayer Couple Coordinator, Weekend Registration Couple, Priest and Team couples.